Rail Yard

Here in America, the rail yard is an important part of fast and successful transportation of cargo. The rail yard is where shipping containers are stored until they are needed to ship or until the contents are needed by the receiver.

AABW Corp has contracts with several different rail lines so that we can help you get your merchandise moved from Point A to Point B all across this country. Because we have a variety of contracts, it opens the door of opportunity to for drivers to establish a relationship with them and work with the experience of AABW.

Some of the major rail lines we work with are:

BNSF Elwood – LPC: A product of almost 400 different railroad lines by 160 years acquisitions and mergers over. It is a unique breed of people that have a variety of traits and out-of-the box thinking that has turned them from dreamers to results-oriented business leaders. It this heritage that BNSF has been molded and shaped to what they are today providing a significant impact for meeting the needs of shippers as well as serving the American economy.

Global 4: A division of “K” Line America, Inc that markets “K” Line’s surplus as well as APL containers of various size containers from inland locations to destinations like Canadian Prairies, LA/Long Beach, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver. They offer a strong equipment supply in the locations of Atlanta, Gulf, Midwest, Northeast and Ohio Valley and works exclusively through Intermodal Marketing Companies, operating over Canadian Pacific Railway, Norfolk Southern Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad.

CN Harvey: This is a company that has learned from experience and shaped themselves accordingly as they made a remarkable transformation in Canadian business history. Their journey has been an amazing one, starting off as a rail industry laggard to privatization in 1995 and to the rail industry leader they are today. Once a business focused primarily in Canada to the full-fledged North American railway they are today, serving customers across North America and beyond. They have created a value for their shareholders everywhere and offer integrated transportation services in Freight Forwarding, Intermodal, Rail, Trucking, and Warehousing and Distribution.

CN Joliet: Founded in 1961 this group was created as a forum for railroad operation officials to have discussions about mutual challenges that were related to the emergence of “piggyback” transportation. Their scope has expanded over the years with a larger membership and several activities that encompass those in the shipping industry.

CSX – Bedford Park: CSX is a North American leading supplier of rail-based freight transportation providing reliable service to our customers by understanding their needs. This company finds solutions to the problems and work from there.

NS – 79: A strong company built over 2 centuries of hard work by good people, providing one of the best intermodal services in North America today. With over 20,000 miles of rail, they are shipping from coast to coast and has a system of allies to help support international shipping.

CP Bensenville: This is an intermodal facility that has progressed into the future while keeping pace by providing the most efficient service. This company has Terminal Operations that understands the importance of the truckers needing safe and short turn times. They provide various services such as Lift-on Lift-off, Gate Management & Inspections, Full Service Repairs, Depot Management, Chassis Management and a top-rated Administration team.